Breitbart Reportedly Wants To Hire Billy Bush As A Reporter

Remember Billy Bush, the only man who ended up getting hurt after the leaked “grab ‘em by the p****” tape? Well, he might have a new gig on horizon.


Billy Bush, the disgraced TV host caught on tape joking about molesting women, might be entertaining a lucrative new job offer.

Following the 2005 leaked audio tape scandal, which captured the then-"Access Hollywood" reporter giggling about sexual assault with none other than Donald Trump, Bush lost his job on NBC’s “Today.”

Considering that despite the contents of the disturbing tape (paired with over a dozen sexual abuse allegations) Trump managed to win the election and become the 45th president of the United States, it comes as no surprise that an alt-right news network has now decided to court Bush.

After all, boasting about grabbing women “by the p****” is not a big deal, right? Because if it were, America wouldn’t have elected an alleged rapist for the highest office in the country.

As the Page Six reports, politically conservative Breitbart News, run by Trump’s former campaign CEO and current chief strategist, Steve Bannon, allegedly wants to hire the 45-year-old as their Hollywood reporter.

Talk about a match made in heaven.

“They are trying to recruit Billy Bush,” said a network insider. “They want to expand covering Hollywood in a big way — and think Billy would be perfect for the job.”

As of now, Breitbart only exists only in a blog form.

While Bush’s settlement with the NBC does not prohibit him from working for a competing network, up until now, no one seemed to be knocking on his door.

“Billy’s ego is big,” the anonymous source added. “He likes to be a TV star, and would want to go to [an NBC] rival like ABC or CBS.”

The former host received a $10 million severance package from NBC.

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