Breitbart Writer Outed As Moderator Of Neo-Nazi Facebook Group

Jack Hadfield said he tried to create a place where alt-right free speech would be tolerated, but the group's posts include Nazi flags and disturbing comments.

A woman attends a protest against white supremacists, holding a sign reading "End White Supremacy."

A writer from the far-right conservative website Breitbart News has been exposed as the moderator of a Facebook group in Britain that frequently makes posts promoting vitriolic hate and neo-Nazi tenets.

Jack Hadfield, a writer who focuses on technology, has produced around 150 articles for Breitbart, which is run by former White House adviser Steve Bannon. It was unknown for some time that Hadfield was also running a group on Facebook called the “Young Right Society.”

But the nonprofit group “Hope Not Hate” discovered that Hadfield was indeed the leader of the far-right group, and exposed him late last week in a report on its website.

Hadfield himself has described the Young Right Society as a “a Fascist-Juggalo group with traditionalism interest,” Hope Not Hate reported. On whether he’d moderate hate posts, Hadfield simply explained, “if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.”

Posts in that group have espoused many far-right attitudes, including urging moderators to post Nazi flags as the group’s banner image, publishing jokes promoting anti-Semitism, and making light about situations involving violence against dissenters of conservative policies. In one particular post, a user in the group wrote an alarming critique against those mourning the death of a Labour member of parliament.

“Jo Cox was a virtue signalling [sic], more-progressive-than-thou c*** and we do not owe her respect just because she was killed,” the author of the post said.

Cox was killed the week before the “Brexit” referendum took place in the United Kingdom by a man who opposed her beliefs that the U.K. should stay in the European Union.

Upon being discovered as one of the page’s administrators, Hadfield said in a statement that he was merely attempting to promote a place where free speech would be tolerated.

“My intention in running the group was to create a free and open place for all right of center opinions and ideologies to be discussed,” Hadfield wrote.

But he also had qualms with the group that exposed him.

“This smear campaign run by Hope Not Hate is just another example of the left attempting to shut down free discussion, a worrying insight into the future of so-called ‘liberals’ in this country,” he said.

Hadfield should own up to what’s been discovered. He is a member of a group that expresses deeply troubling, racist, and hateful content. He was charged with the responsibility of moderating that content, to which he decided to have a more laissez-faire attitude about. That was his decision to make, and Hadfield cannot dismiss that choice so easily.

He also shouldn’t put the blame of being discovered on the nonprofit group who found out about his role in the Young Right Society. Hadfield will forever have this association to neo-Nazis, and that is entirely due to the decision he made regarding what the standard would be in his Facebook group.

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