Bretagne, The Last 9/11 Search Dog Has Been Laid To Rest

Two dozen firefighters and rescue workers stood in honor of Bretagne, as she took her final walk into the Fairfield Animal Hospital.

The last known 9/11 search and rescue dog, Bretagne was laid to rest at the age of 16 after she was euthanized on June 6.

Bretagne and her owner Denise Corliss were deployed to New York in 2001, shortly after the World Trade Centre attacks on 9/11. She worked around 12 hours a day for two continuous weeks along with hundreds of search teams from around the world, looking for survivors.

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The golden retriever was also part of rescue teams deployed to save people from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Owing to her age, she had considerably slowed down in the last few years during which she would visit Robert Rhodes Elementary School in Waller and would read with first graders there as well as work with some of the autistic children.

Unfortunately in the last few days, Bretagne had become extremely anxious and had stopped eating. On Monday, she took her final walk into the Fairfield Animal Hospital in Cypress where she was euthanized. Around two dozen firefighters and members of the search and rescue team lined the sidewalk and saluted the dog as she went in.

"She's a part of the Cy-Fair family," Amy Ramon, fire chief of the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, said.

Bretagne was carried out in a casket covered with a Texas flag by pallbearers from the search-and-rescue unit.

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