This Is Why Kavanaugh Refused To Shake Hands With Parkland Dad

“In that split second, I unfortunately did not realize that the man was the father of a shooting victim from Parkland, Florida,” said Kavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh

Not long ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh refused to shake hands with Fred Guttenberg who had lost his beloved 14-year-old daughter, Jamie, after suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Kavanaugh looked at Guttenberg for a second while the Parkland victim’s father stretched his hand out and then turned his back at him before walking away. The SCOTUS nominee’s actions were inconsiderate, to say the least.

This insensitive encounter was caught on video and soon people on social media slammed the Supreme Court nominee for being so heartless.

However, now Kavanaugh has come up with a defense. The reason why he didn’t shake hands with the Parkland shooting victim’s father is because he apparently did not recognize him and mistook him as a protester.

“It had been a chaotic morning with a large number of protestors in the hearing room,” Kavanaugh said in a written response to questions from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). “As the break began, the room remained noisy and crowded. When I turned and did not recognize the man, I assumed he was a protestor. In a split second, my security detail intervened and ushered me out of the hearing room. In that split second, I unfortunately did not realize that the man was the father of a shooting victim from Parkland, Florida.”

“Mr. Guttenberg has suffered an incalculable loss. If I had known who he was, I would have shaken his hand, talked to him, and expressed my sympathy. And I would have listened to him,” he continued.

However, Guttenberg’s version is different from Kavanaugh’s. According to him, he went up to Kavanaugh and introduced himself after putting his hand out — and that’s when the judge walked away.

Kavanaugh has long been an advocate of the Second Amendment. He once said banning guns was like “to a ban on a category of speech.” In fact, he believes that banning assault rifles in unconstitutional.

Guttenberg said he was “confident” of his own version of the event and what Kavanaugh has explained now, after a week of the incident, was interesting.



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