Trump-Backed Candidate Who Wielded Guns In Ads Could Become A Governor

Brian Kemp, who won a GOP primary for governor on Tuesday night, is known for his controversial ads that depict a questionably low level of respect for the law.

Georgia candidate for governor Brian Kemp speaks to visitors at the state capitol.

A Georgia candidate for governor, endorsed by President Donald Trump, should be cause for alarm as his inflammatory campaign ads suggest disturbing bigotry and lawlessness.

Republican Brian Kemp, Georgia’s current secretary of state, easily defeated his GOP opponent Casey Cagle in a primary election on Tuesday. His victory can be partially attributed to an endorsement from Trump during the campaign.

Kemp will go on to face off against his Democratic rival in the general election, Stacey Abrams, who aims to become the nation’s first African-American female governor.

The race will be a contentious one, as shifting voter preferences in Georgia’s suburbs are becoming more Democratic. Kemp’s extreme ideology, too, may play a role in the debate in the months ahead.

Kemp released several political ads detailing his beliefs. In one ad, he held a gun pointed in the direction of a young man, a fictional portrayal of Kemp as a father trying to protect his daughter. The young man and Kemp get along in the ad only because the boy is a strong believer in the Second Amendment.

The ad, which pictures Kemp subtly pointing the gun in the young man’s direction, aired just a few months after the devastating Parkland shooting, in which more than 17 individuals, mostly teenagers, died.

In a separate television ad, Kemp suggests he is strong on immigration by saying he’d abduct immigrants. Pictured in his “big truck,” Kemp said in the spot that it helps “just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself.”

“Yep, I just said that,” he added.

Although he’s proud of being a “politically incorrect conservative,” what Kemp demonstrates in this ad is that he’s not a big fan of following the law as it’s currently understood — specifically, he shows contempt for non-gun related Constitutional protections of due process rights. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled many times, in fact, that undocumented immigrants have that right, but apparently Kemp doesn’t feel too keen on upholding the rule of law.

Kemp would be a reckless, and possibly lawless, governor if he’s selected to serve in Georgia — much like the U.S. president from whom he was happy to court an endorsement. 


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