Man Allegedly Raped Teenager Who Was Dying From Drug Overdose

Brian Roberto Varela also took pictures of the teenager’s semi-nude, blue-lipped body and sent it to his friends on a group chat, bragging about his actions.

Washington State teenager Alyssa Mae Noceda left her house on Saturday to attend a party in a mobile home in 400 block of Lakeview Road in Lynnwood. Nearly three days later, police officers found her lifeless body, stuffed inside a black plastic bin at a very odd angle.

The Mariner High School student died of a drug overdose, the authorities said. But, shortly before her death, just as she was struggling to take her last breaths, she was raped. Not only did the rapist not call 911 and let the 18-year-old die, he also snapped pictures of her unconscious body and sent them to his friends in a group chat, bragging about his heinous actions. He then broke her leg to fit the body inside a crate and left to work his double shift at the Dairy Queen, according to the police.

Brian Roberto Varela, the suspect, is reportedly known for selling drugs from his mobile home. The 19-year-old and the victim had apparently known each other for quite a few years.

Police arrested Varela after one of his coworkers alerted the authorities. The coworker, who remains unidentified, heard the suspect talking about burying a dead body in crate filled with onions. They then searched online and came across Noceda's mother's frantic Facebook post about her missing daughter, which prompted them to contact the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday.

The very same day, officers raided Varela’s mobile home and discovered the body.  

According to the suspect and other witnesses, Noceda collapsed after snorting a “large line of Percs” and ingesting a "dab" of liquid THC. However, instead of calling the paramedics or taking her to the hospital, Varela allegedly sexually assaulted her, took several photos of her semi-naked, blue-lipped body and shared them with others.

"LOL I think she od'd, still breathing," he reportedly texted. "I'm smashing her to pass the time."

His friends told police the teen “did not know if she was alive or dead when he ejaculated into her.”

Varela's friend Jayson Pepito said the suspect appeared proud of his sickening actions.

"She died having sex with me," the alleged rapist wrote.

Once he was done with her, he went to bed and told his friend he was "too tired to do so." The next morning, when he woke up next to a stiff body with foam accumulated around the lips, Varela reportedly told his roommate and another person about it. They claim they told him to go the police, but the teen didn’t listen and instead hid the body and left for work.

It’s unclear why either of those witnesses didn’t inform the police themselves.

After he was arrested, Varela said he didn't call 911 because he was afraid of law enforcement — even though his actions at work that day point to a different attitude.

Not only did Varela allegedly talk about the party and sleeping with Noceda, he also mentioned his plans to bury a body, which subsequently led to his arrest.

Furthermore, police also said the teen unlocked the victim’s phone using her thumb impression, and posted a Snapchat implying she had run away from home — something she had done in the past. He then threw the device in the woods, where it was later retrieved by the cops.

As The Herald reported, Varela was smirking during his hearing in Everett District Court, the allegations against him showing "a callous and shocking disregard for human life,” according to Deputy Prosecutor Bob Hendrix.

Her mother, Gina Pierson, has since been sharing tributes to her daughter on social media.

The family has also started a GoFundMe page for pay for the teen’s funeral expenses.

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