Tourist's Selfie Session Leads To Bridge Collapse In China

The footbridge collapsed after an irresponsible tourist stopped and took a selfie. He blocked the way of other tourists and because of the weight, it collapsed.



A Chinese tourist’s quest for taking the perfect selfie ended up in a disaster.

The unnamed tourist was walking on a footbridge in China along with other tourists when he stopped to take a selfie. His act was irresponsible to say the least, and all the other people on the bridge had to pay a price for the selfie taker’s stupidity.

The bridge collapsed because while he took the selfie, he blocked the way of others and the bridge fell off after failing to put up with the weight of the tourists.

Given, what the tourist did was reckless, it is important to note that the selfie taker only took some seconds to take the picture. However, the bridge couldn’t even hold pressure for such a short while. Authorities are now investigating the matter.

Ten tourists reportedly fell in the water when the bridge collapsed. Thankfully no one lost their life but four people suffered from minor injuries.

According to local authorities, the bridge had collapsed because the selfie taker was standing on the welding joint which connected the bridge. It was “thinner” than other parts of the footbridge. “The welding joint of the bridge collapsed due to sudden pressure,” said a report of the incident.

The crazy obsession of taking a perfect selfie has claimed many lives, turning it in a “killfie."  People feel the need to share everything on social media and the race to get the perfect self-portrait is getting quite out of hands.

Banner / Thumbnail : Sergei Malgavko, TASS via Getty Images

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