Artist Mocks Trump By Building Wall Around His Hollywood Star

An unknown protester ironically built a gray, concrete wall around Donald Trump’s star located on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame this week.

Donald Trump is determined to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico border, and now he has his very own wall, it’s surrounding his star in Los Angeles.

A clever Trump protester built a perfectly square, concrete wall around the presidential candidate’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, CBS News reported.

A famous Los Angeles street artist named Plastic Jesus is reportedly the artist behind the brilliant art work that coincidentally appeared the same day Trump was officially declared the Republican presidential candidate.

"Hollywood sight-seers on the famous walk of fame were confronted with an unusual edition to Trump's Famous Star. Someone had built a 6? tall grey concrete wall around it. Complete with 'Keep out' signs and topped with razor wire. The unofficial addition to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers,” Plastic Jesus said on Instagram along with a photo of the artwork.

trump walk of fame star wall

Plastic Jesus previously created “No Trump Anywhere” parking signs in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

The artist mentioned in an interview that he wants people to think more about politics and policies through his artwork, according to Liberal Voice.

“Personally, I’ve got nothing against Donald Trump,” he said. “I have everything against his policies and the culture he is trying to create in America.”

Donald Trump

The Trump campaign has yet to comment on the bordered wall that was recently built.

Trump needs to be careful what he wishes for because people might just turn his policies around to humiliate him in the end. 

Banner Image Credit: @themostfamousartist, Instagram

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