Britain Leaves Oil-Rich Buddy Out Of Drive To Halt Death Penalty

The U.K.’s five-year strategy to reduce the use of executions in 30 countries is worthless because there is a glaring omission that’s completely unforgivable.

The United Kingdom is all set to roll out a list of 30 countries where its ambassadors are going to lobby against death penalty.

But the initiative is a sham — primarily because there’s one country that should have been on top of the list but was not even included in it.

Saudi Arabia was omitted from the official British campaign against the death penalty, despite carrying out the highest number of executions  158  in the Gulf kingdom in two decades last year.

“Among the countries given a greater priority were Barbados, Singapore and Jordan that between them passed less than 10 death sentences in 2014,” according to The Independent.

Although Saudi Arabia has always been notorious for its beheadings without proper trials, the Gulf kingdom has come under increased international criticism after five foreigners were executed in May last year.

In fact, it was once reported that Saudi Arabia was beheading people at the same rate (and for the similar reasons) the terrorist Islamic State decapitates people. To make matters worse, Western leaders, including the United States, have been criminally silent over atrocities by Saudi Arabia  mostly due to vested economic and strategic interests.

Just last October, British Prime Minister David Cameron famously tried to dodge questions from Channel 4’s journalist Jon Snow as to why the U.K. government considers Riyadh an ally despite abhorrent human rights abuses such as mass executions and the mass murder of civilians in Yemen.

Elaborate plans and initiatives against death penalty do not matter as long as the Western nations continue to turn a blind eye toward the blatant human rights violations by their oil-rich friend.

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