Britain First Fan, Who Wanted To ‘Kill A Muslim,’ Walks Free

Britain First supporter, Marek Zakrocki who tried running over a Muslim curry house owner while drunk is soon going to walk free after serving his short prison sentence.

A Britain First fan who drove at a Muslim curry house owner during a drunken rampage will soon walk free although he was handed a jail sentence earlier.

Last year, Marek Zakrocki, a Polish-born window fitter, gave the Nazi salute and shouted, “white power” before driving his van at Kamal Ahmed outside Spicy Night restaurant in Harrow, north-west London.

This incident took place just days after the Finsbury Park terror attack in June.

The 48 year-old-man had consumed two bottles of wine before getting in a heated argument with his wife. He assaulted her, then armed himself with a knife and drove off telling his wife and daughter he was going to attack some Muslims in a Mosque.

Police was able to speak with Zackrocki using his wife’s phone, “I'm going to kill a Muslim, I'm doing this for Britain. This is the way I will help the country, you people can't do anything. I am going to do it my way because that is what I think is right," he said.

He then targeted Ahmed outside his restaurant, and twice mounted the pavement. He was driving at 5mph in an attempt to pin Ahmed against the restaurant window, which smashed.

After armed officers arrested Zakrocki they discovered a Nazi coin. The Islamophobe later admitted of donating money to the anti-Muslim, Britain First group, which was formed by members of the far-right, British National Party.

The window fitter was initially charged with attempted murder and three racially aggravated offences but those charges were not pursued by the Crown Prosecution Service. 

Instead, he was just sentenced to 33 weeks in jail by Judge Anthony Leonard QC after pleading guilty last month to dangerous driving and beating his wife. He was also disqualified from driving for three years.

“These events are the result of you having drunk up to two bottles of wine, which you knew would affect you seriously because of your chronic alcoholism,” said Judge Anthony Leonard QC.

The judge said there was evidence of "abhorrent" racist views but his crime took place because of the effect of alcohol.  However, the treatment given to Zakrocki is nothing but yet another example of white privilege, where a man who tried to murder a Muslim has been given such a short sentence.

Had a person of color committed this crime, it would have been treated completely differently.

People on social media were disgruntled over the short sentence.








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