British Backpacker Beaten, Raped, Held Hostage For Months In Australia

Police rescued a British backpacker, who was allegedly held as sex hostage in Australia, after she walked into a gas station in a “zombie-like state.”

A 22-year-old British backpacker from Liverpool, England, has just been rescued by the police in Australia after she was allegedly held hostage, raped, beaten and strangled for two whole months.

The unnamed woman reportedly met the man, now identified as Marcus Martin, at an outdoor dance party in Cairns. The two soon hit it off, following which they left for a road trip on Jan. 2.

Martin allegedly spent the next two months, raping, beating and strangling the victim as the duo traveled approximately 1,360 kilometers through the Australian outback.

Friends of the victim have described the attacker as “clingy,” claiming he latched onto the “first single girl he met.” He even changed his relationship status on Facebook to “married” soon after their meeting. 

According to Detective Inspector Paul Hart, Martin is charged with eight counts of assault, two counts of deprivation of liberty, four counts of rape and four counts of strangulation along with drug charges.

The brutal case of the backpacker’s assault came to light when she entered a gas station with black eyes, her faced covered with bruises in a zombie-like state, and told the attendant she had no money to pay for the gas she had already filled. She then drove away in a white Mitsubishi Pajero SUV, which prompted the service station manager, Beverley Page, to alert the police.

“But what struck me were her black eyes. She looked bad. She was nervous and shaking and I thought her behavior was because she couldn't pay for the fuel. She was like a person in a trance. I was very concerned about her,” Paige said.

The woman’s ordeal came to an end when the police stopped the vehicle during a routine traffic stop at Mitchell in Queensland. Although the backpacker seemed to be alone, officers came across the suspect hiding under luggage and clothing at the back of the vehicle during a thorough search.

“We would certainly say that what’s happened to this young lady is quite catastrophic. We will allege that the male person was secreted in the back section of the vehicle which made it quite difficult to find him,” said Detective Hart while speaking to reporters.

The young woman, who had been traveling around Australia since 2015, is currently in the hospital being treated for facial fractures.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: AAP/Julian Smith/via REUTERS 

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