British Lawyer Twins Face Deportation After Beating Up A Cop In Dubai

They have been accused of getting drunk, cursing Arab women, refusing to cooperate with the police and assaulting a female officer.


UPDATE: Two British twin sisters have been found guilty of assaulting a police officer as she was arresting them for getting drunk outside a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A presiding judge sentenced them to six months in prison and ordered their deportation from the country upon release.

For now, however, the two women remain free on bail. They have at least 30 days to decide whether to appeal their sentence.


The incident occurred in August 2017 in the city's Al Barsha area where two women, identified as Alena and Sasha Parker of London, were "behaving waywardly," according to Gulf News.

When the police arrived, one of the sisters, Alena, was receiving medical assistance in an ambulance car by paramedics, after she injured her hand, Mail Online reported. Meanwhile, Sasha stood outside the ambulance shouting. They refused to cooperate with the officers, leading one cop to get handcuffs while asking a female colleague to stay with them.

That's when the alleged assault occurred.

“They surprisingly attacked me, and I don’t know why! They assaulted me and pushed me down on the floor … I fell down and injured my head and elbow. While they were being taken for an alcohol test, they cursed me and cursed Arab women. One of them also scratched my hand with her nails,” the female officer told prosecutors.

Unlike other Gulf countries, it is not illegal to consume alcohol in the U.A.E. Alcoholic beverages, under the country's law, can be served in licensed hotels and clubs. But drinking or being under the influence of alcohol in public is a punishable offense.

The two sisters, however, are not just accused of public drunkenness but also assaulting and abusing a police officer, which could lead to a possible three-year jail sentence.

Alena and Sasha Parker are listed as senior consultant and case manager, respectively, for a top Emirati law firm, Al Safar and Partners.

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