British Mom Captures Iconic Christmas Photo Of The Royals

"I was just sort of shouting, and I just went 'Merry Christmas!' like an idiot. I was fan-girling," Karen Anvil, of Norfolk, England, told the BBC.

That stunning photograph of the royals that's been floating all over the web was taken by Karen Anvil of Norfolk, England. The single mother was the lucky bystander to snap the royal photo on Christmas Day featuring the delightful Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, at Sandringham estate.

"I'm just very bubbly by nature, and I was with my daughter, and I got a bit excitable, I suppose," Anvil told the BBC. "I was just sort of shouting, and I went 'Merry Christmas!' like an idiot. I was fan-girling. That's all I said and got them to look."

Her stunning image turned out to be the go-to header image for media outlets, and she started to consider copyrighting and profiting from it once Twitter users urged her to do so.

"The thing is — and I hate to play the single mum card — I'm a single parent, I work two jobs, which I'm proud of, and I've always worked," Anvil told the BBC.

She said she hopes to save money for her daughter to go to a university, as she should. Being the primary provider for any child is a self-less responsibility, and Anvil has every right to seek compensation for her sought-after photo that's been liked over 50,000 times on Twitter.

So, what was Anvil doing at Sandringham at that moment in that spot with her daughter? According to the BBC, Anvil promised her that they'd go to St. Mary Magdalene Church, which is also in Sandringham, for Christmas this year. She made this promise while she was battling an illness and kept her word when she took her daugher to see the royals at their annual Christmas Day service.

This wasn't their first time showing up to this service; they just got lucky this time around and snapped that famous photograph of the royals.

The response to this image has been "bizarre and bonkers," Anvil told the BBC. She said that she was able to gain the royals' reaction in the photo by shouting 'Merry Christmas.' That's pretty clever of her and it's a good trick for professional photographers to use if they don't use it already. Eyes really do light up at the sound of 'Merry Christmas.'

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