Old Racist Tells British Muslim Man 'To Go Back Where He Came From'

Zubair Munsif, a British-born Pakistani Muslim visiting a supermarket, did not expect his Saturday morning to start on such a bad note.

Zubair Munsif, a 32 year-old British-Pakistani living in Walthamstow, London, became a victim of a racist rant while shopping at one of Morrisons’ chain stores.

Munsif posted the video of the whole ordeal on his social media page and stated he bumped into an older family friend in the store who was also a Muslim. While the two were greeting each other, Munsif heard a voice from behind asking, “Are you a Muslim?” to which the surprised man answered, “Yes.”

What followed was a verbal assault the likes of which Munsif says he's never before been a target of.

Taking out his phone, Munsif decided to expose the old bigot for what he really was. As the old man exclaimed, “Go back to where you came from. I hate Muslims,” Munsif tried to explain he had the right to be in England, too.

“Where do you want me to go?” Munsif asked the old man in the video, to which he got the retort, “You can sod off.”

“To where, though? Can you pay for my plane ticket?” asks Munsif, to which the old man replied by knocking down the Muslim man’s phone.

“I know I’m not (being nice) — because I dislike all Muslims. Now look here  I’d like to see all the Muslims in England sod off,” the old man said. “We never had any terrorists until youse lot was here.”

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The old man went on that tangent for a while, until the supermarket staff came to Munsif’s rescue. The racist has now been banned from the store and the store manager offered Munsif a cup of tea as apology.

“My family came in the '70s and along with other ethnic minorities suffered through racial abuse & discrimination. Yet they worked hard and built for themselves successful lives and contributed in every positive way they could to their now home country,” Munsif writes in his Facebook post. “This is our home. It’s my home as much as anyone else’s. I’m proud to be British. I’m proud to be a British Muslim. I’m proud to be a British Muslim Pakistani.”

The video has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times and many British citizens have praised Munsif for his composure and offered apologies for the old man’s attitude.

“Zubair, you are an absolute legend for how you handled that. I could not have remained so calm. It genuinely breaks my heart to see this level of ignorance and racism still exists but sadly it does,” Matt Whitmore, a Facebook user, commented on the post. “It always makes me laugh when people say 'clear off back home' like Muslim is a country lol need a cup of tea after watching that clip.”

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