"Traditionally Submissive" Muslim Women Hit Back At David Cameron

If there’s one positive thing that has come out of David Cameron’s half-informed speech about “traditionally submissive women,” it is this hashtag.

A few days ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested a new immigration plan in a bid to help more Muslim women integrate closely with the British society.

"This is Britain. In this country, women and girls are free to choose how they live, how they dress and who they love,” he wrote for The Times. “It's our values that make this country what it is, and it's only by standing up for them assertively that they will endure.”

He may have meant well but the British PM certainly went the wrong way about it when he singled out the "traditional submissiveness of Muslim women” as one of the main reasons they have not been able to make progress.

Now, in order to shatter the offensive stereotypical perception held by Cameron and many more like him, Muslim women, mostly hailing from the United Kingdom, have taken to the Internet.

Using the hashtag #TraditionallySubmissive, Muslim authors, journalists, doctors and teachers are explaining how ignorant and half-informed Cameron’s speech was about Muslim women living in Britain.











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