Furious Englishman Singlehandedly Knocks Down 3 German Police Officers

The angry passengers whistled and jeered as the British traveler took down police officers singlehandedly.

Delayed flights can really test someone's patience to the limits, especially when people are already dealing with a trying situation.

A 38-year-old Englishman had had enough of an airline after he found himself stranded in Frankfurt due to a flight delay. He was apparently extremely worried about his wife, who has circulatory problems.

A video uploaded by Polish rapper Schwesta Ewa shows the man single-handedly taking down at least three officers, while people watching jeered and whistled. Though he was tackling the forces all by himself, he seemed to have no problem in fighting them off.

Around 7,000 passengers were stuck at the airport due to bad weather, and apparently were not in the best of moods for understandable reasons.

The man shouted “I am a British citizen,” and then launched verbal attacks and threats on airline employees before starting his physical assault. Although the authorities at the scene tried to explain the situation to him, and calm him down, an explanation was not what he was looking for.

After knocking down the male and female police officers, the man himself slumped and fell to the floor. Two women wearing headscarves came closer to him as he lay on the ground but their relationship to him is unknown.

In a statement released on Facebook, the Frankfurt Police have disregarded the idea that the incident was in anyway related to terrorism or hate crime.

Police requested that people to stop spreading rumors about the incident or take it as an attack. They also assured people that an investigation against the English passenger is underway.

The police officers and Englishman involved in the fight all suffered minor injuries.

Check out the video above.

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