Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Eats All Her Fries

A French fry-loving woman became furious and allegedly cut her beau’s hand in anger after discovering he ate all her fries.

Beware: The love of fries can apparently make you do anything.

While this may sound ridiculously insane, a British woman is currently serving prison time because she stabbed her boyfriend after discovering he ate all her fries.

Dianne Margaret Clayton and her boyfriend Simon Hill got in a heated argument over fries, according to the reports. The couple was at a friend’s house for dinner when Clayton discovered Hill’s big crime and decided to knife him after a loud rift.

According to Prosecutor Parveen Akhtar, the incident occurred over the special homemade fries that were a part of the night menu.

“Simon Hill ate them all and that caused Clayton to get angry," said the lawyer. "She was seen to slap him across the face before leaving the room. She picked up a knife in the kitchen and then stabbed him, causing a superficial injury."

After the feud, the couple left their friends place but Hill was so threatened he came back to stay the night.

What happened next is even scarier.

Clayton returned to the property the next morning and attacked Hill for the second time. 

“She returned the following morning and Mr. Hill suffered injuries to his hands,” Akhtar told the court.

Now the 34-year-old is sentenced to 26 weeks of custody for causing bodily harm to her partner.

But Clayton's defense lawyer Richard Prew gave another picture, saying his client does not remember what happened because she was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

"She has some injuries herself which she can't explain," he said.

On the other hand, Hill did not give any statement to the police.

The prosecutor said, “He later told police he didn’t want to co-operate because she has mental health problems.”

Whatever the case might be, Clayton will have to stay away from her dear fries for a while now because prisons don’t serve French fries.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Thierry Roge

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