A British Woman Gets Jailed In Dubai For Having Sex Outside Of Wedlock

The Dubai Misdemeanors Court sentenced the man and the woman to a year in prison followed by deportation.

A British woman and a Pakistani man have reportedly been jailed for a year for having consensual sex during a road trip to Dubai.

The woman, who remains unnamed, allegedly had sex with the man when she flew to Dubai to stay with him for a week. They initially connected through Facebook and kept in touch for three years. In 2016, the woman decided to meet the man in person and flew all the way from Britain to meet him.

According to the man, he received the woman at Dubai International Airport and drove her to Sharjah where a Muslim religious scholar got them married verbally. However, after a few days the man learnt that the woman was preparing to get married to another man in the U.K.

The woman denied all the “marriage” claims and said in court that she was calling off her relationship with the man as she was ready to get married in Britain. However, the man didn’t take the news well and started threatening her.

He reportedly threatened her to publish all their conversation and pictures on Facebook. He also gave a call to the woman’s would-be husband and told him about their “marriage.” That is not all; the woman also told court that he warned her incase she got married he would kill her.

As the man’s threats grew intense, the woman, who had returned back to her country, flew to Dubai again but this time with her father to lodge a complaint against the man.

Soon after the complaint was made, the man got arrested but denied all allegations. The police continued to investigate the case that is when they came to know about the couple’s consensual sex. Sex outside of marriage is illegal in the UAE. If the couple is found guilty, they could face a long jail sentence.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court sentenced them to a year in prison followed by deportation. However, the man and woman pleaded not guilty in the court and have appealed ruling seeking leniency.

However, this is not the first such incident. A South African man and his Ukrainian fiancé had been arrested for having sex outside of marriage in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Banner/thumbnail credit: REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

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