Man Dies After Falling From A Temple While Allegedly Taking A Selfie

The victim was on his "middle-aged gap year," traveling the world in search of adventure.

A British man died after tumbling from the second floor of a temple in India in reported pursuit of a selfie.

Roger Stotesbury, from Buckingham near Oxford, was in India for the last leg of what he called a “middle-aged gap year.”

Local reports say that Stotesbury, a documentary filmmaker, was trying to take a selfie at a temple in Orchha, 160 miles south of the Taj Mahal. It was then that he fell 30 feet.

However, his family has refuted the reports, saying that Stotesbury had put his iPad down on a ledge after taking a couple of photos of the view. A couple of moments after this, the accident happened.

According to the Times of India, Stotesbury was standing on the very edge of the wall when he fell, the Press Association reports.


Stotesbury and his wife, Hillary, wrote the blog “Our Middle Aged Gap Year.”

Fueled by a desire to live as much as they could in a single lifetime, the couple had taken to traveling. One post on the blog describes Stotesbury as a man who “wanted to die young as late as possible.”

“We took the view that on your deathbed you never wish you’d spent more time in the office,” the post says. “We’ve seen our two kids off into the wider world and we have no more caring responsibilities for our parents. So we thought now is the time to take a gap year and travel whilst we still have the health and energy. After all you only live once.

“Rather than drift into comfortable retirement we wanted to do something different.”


The couple started with a two-month tour of Italy before moving on to South and North America, Australia, and different countries in Asia. India was intended to be their last stop.

The Foreign Office is providing the necessary help required after the tragic accident.

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