Brock Turner's Judge Let Off Domestic Abuser Easy With 'Weekend Jail'

The reputation of Judge Aaron Persky remains on the line as another woman comes forward with her experience of how he let her abuser off too easily in court.

In an exclusive, The Guardian reported the horrific story of an anonymous 30-something woman in Palo Alto who suffered life-threatening domestic violence only to see her abuser face just 24 days of prison.

domestic violence

Perhaps her voice would have remained unheard had it not been for the fact that the judge trying her case was Aaron Persky, the notoriously lax judge who sentenced ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to only six months in jail for rape.

Ming Hsuan Chiang, 37, allegedly “tortured” his wife-to-be to the point where she was covered in blood and bruises. After showing the courtroom and Judge Persky graphic photographs of her assault wounds, Chiang’s former fiancée said, “Visible injuries can be treated, but invisible injuries last forever.” She believed he was trying to kill her. 

Unfortunately, her impassioned testimony of domestic violence fell upon deaf ears. Persky sentenced her ex-partner Chiang, who pleaded no contest to “serious bodily injury,” to just 12 weekends of county jail, known as “weekend” jail. He would be able to continue his Silicon Valley job during the work week while serving the approximately 24-day sentence at the county jail.   

The woman, who emigrated from China, told The Guardian in an interview, “Minority people don’t get sufficient resources… Today, only I’m suffering. But how about tomorrow? How about the next girl? Where can we search for help?”

Attorney and Stanford law school professor, Michele Landis Dauber, noted that Chiang’s lenient sentence given by Persky provided more evidence against the judge. Dauber leads the movement to recall Persky, who has been deemed by critics to be unfit for his position.  

Dauber rightfully stated that Persky seemed more concerned with whether or not Chiang “would get to work on time” rather than how his victim “is doing and how she was managing the trauma he had inflicted on her.”



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