Brussels: Suspected Bomber Wearing Long Coat Turns Out To Be Student

An investigation into a possible suicide bomber was carried out by police on Wednesday in the Belgian capital. Luckily, the suspicious man was just a student.

On Wednesday in Brussels, Belgian police cordoned off part of the city’s center for more than two hours while both a bomb squad and a SWAT team investigated a man suspected of being a suicide bomber.

A man wearing a winter coat in the middle of the hot summer weather appeared to be suspicious to passersby, according to reports. A wire could be seen hanging out of his coat as he walked around the capital’s Place de la Monnaie.

After investigating, police determined the man in question was not a threat, but rather an innocent university student conducting research on the city’s radioactivity. Even a nearby library was evacuated due to the police blockade.

The man’s initial reaction to officers approaching him was out of the ordinary, said a police spokesman to reporters after the incident, which subsequently warranted a thorough search.

Police in Brussels have been extra vigilant regarding potential suicide bombers, as the capital has been on high alert since 31 people were killed and 300 more wounded in March’s attacks claimed by ISIS.

The capital city's police should be commended for thwarting what could have been a terrorist attack, even if it inconvenienced a few. 


Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

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