Budget Travel: America’s Airlines Introducing Below Economy Class

People gearing up for “cheap flight day” and the fall travel season may just have another choice, albeit one that puts them at the bottom of the barrel for air travel.

America’s airlines are now introducing a class called "below economy," also dubbed as “economy minus” or “last class.”

Delta Airlines was the first one to offer the deal in 2014. “If you’re looking for a low fare, your travel plans aren’t likely to change, and you don’t mind where you sit, basic economy just may be your ticket,” it says on their site.

Other airlines are now following suit. United and American airlines are set to roll out their versions of "basic economy" by the end of the year.

The cheap rates mean forfeiting the right to ticket changes, main cabin seat assignments after check-in, free carry-on bags, pending availability and other such facilities. The seats are likely to be extremely small seats — between 28 and 30 inches of seat pitch and meals, snacks, sodas and entertainment may cost extra.

The news is getting pretty mixed reviews from all around.

Time called it “worse than any low-fare carrier option.”

“As the candidates in America’s presidential race pontificate on the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots, the country’s airlines are busy segmenting customers between the haves, the have-lesses, the have-somewhats, the have-nots and, now, the have-nothing-at-alls,” notes The Economist.



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