Budweiser Pays Tribute To Harry Caray With Remarkable Ad

“The Cubs are No. 1!” Cubs fans don’t need to imagine Harry Caray calling out the world champions, he just did in a Budweiser’s commercial.

Nobody wanted to see the Cubs winning the World Series more than the late Harry Caray, their sportscaster for 16 years. Caray passed away in 1998 and didn't see his team win, but thanks to Budweiser, Cubs fans know how it would be if Caray announced the World Series champions.

Budweiser got hold of Caray’s audio archives and combined them with Game 7 footage of the Cubs big win, and the celebrations back in Chicago to create a classic ad.

The video starts with the legendary announcer saying to the camera, “Sure as God made green apples, some day the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series. And maybe sooner than we think.”

It ends with a statue of the broadcaster outside of Wrigley Field holding a can of Budweiser and his voice-over saying: 'Holy cow ... how about them Cubbies? Now our lives are complete — the Cubs are number one!' 

The pre-planned commercial with new and old footage gave his fans goose bumps, especially when they hear the late Caray make the winning call. 

"Smart way to bring in the history, brand equity and nostalgia together and be relevant in the moment,” said Allen Adamson, head of the New York consulting firm Brand Simple.

Budweiser tweeted the remarkable video along with the caption: "Harry, they did it. The impossible is possible. Hear the legend call one last game. Cubs, #ThisBudsForYou. #FlyTheW"


The champion Chicago Cubs re tweeted the video.

Carey's fans are on an emotional roller coaster, praising the ad, celebrating the win and celebrating Caray.








Budweiser is working on an ad that will be shorter than the original two-minute version, slated to air on TV this weekend.

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