High School Students Under Fire For Posting Lynching Photos

In yet another incident of blatant racism, two high school students draw ire for posting racist photos with offensive captions on social media.

All thanks to Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric, bigots all across the country now think they can freely post offensive messages and express their heinous hatred toward minorities without thinking twice.

Recently, two students at the Buena High School in Ventura, California, sparked outrage after posting offensive pictures on Snapchat. 

The hateful images had each of the two boys with their arms outstretched, holding a rope in each hand with an image of a black man being lynched hanging from one’s hand.

“He got him some (N-words) off the pier” and “Get me some biggins,” the captions read. Furthermore, one of the boys reportedly Photoshopped the Confederate flag on his shirt.


“They are really inappropriate and offensive images,” said Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Michael Babb. “While they look like they were taken at Buena High School, what they stand for and symbolize doesn’t have anything to do with the opinions or philosophy or the spirit of the school staff or the school district. They are opposite of what we represent. It’s intolerable behavior.”

Babb said that the majority of the students at Buena High were furious over the pictures and the ideas they represented, so the school offered counseling for those who wanted to talk about the images or any other feelings they had.

Scores of people took to social media to express their concern.


School principal Bobbi Powers said the images were taken on the campus water polo deck.

“The images and what they symbolize in no way reflect the opinions, spirit or philosophy of our school or school district. Rest assured that anything to do with racism or discrimination of any type will not be tolerated,” she said in a statement.

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