Activists Clash With Police After Bullfighting Returns To Bogota

Hundreds of protesters in Bogota clashed with the police and spectators as they took to the streets to protest the return of bullfighting.

For the first time in four years, bullfighting has returned to Colombia’s capital of Bogota.

In 2012, the leftist mayor of the city, Gustavo Petro, outlawed the sport and said he would rather resign than see bullfighting return to the capital.

However, the constitutional court later overturned the ban, stating the sport was an integral part of Colombia's cultural heritage and therefore could not be stopped.

Hundreds of activists have now taken to the streets near Bogota’s Santamaría Bullring, protesting against the barbaric killing of the bulls. Police had to use tear gas to stop the protesters from getting violent and attacking people who were making their way to the venue for a “fun” afternoon.

The protesters shouted “murderers” and “torturers” as others explained they belonged to an educated generation that is “not prepared to see an animal suffer.”

Current Mayor Enrique Penalosa stated although he supports animal rights, he had no option but to accept the high court’s ruling, allowing the return of bullfighting to the city.

Approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights on an annual basis, according to the Humane Society International website. The animals are repeatedly stabbed in front of an audience, including children, after which they are left to die slow, painful deaths. The sport reinforces the idea that killing or torturing animals for entertainment purposes is acceptable, whereas this is absolutely not true, and therefore should be brought to an immediate end.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

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