Bullies Chanting, ‘Kill the Jew!’ Beat Up Their 12-Year-Old Classmate

A Jewish preteen in Connecticut has received brutal bullying for his religious affiliation and school officials aren't doing enough, his mother says.

The New Haven Register reported that a 12-year-old boy was physically abused and bullied at school for being Jewish.

A young boy at Walsh Intermediate School in New Haven, Connecticut, was physically and verbally tormented by classmates who repeatedly screamed at him, “Kill the Jew! Kill the Jew!” in a series of horrific hate crimes against him for being Jewish.

The boy’s mother, Orit Azivov, told WTNH News8 last week that several anti-Semitic students slammed her son’s head into the locker, threw him to the ground, and punched and kicked him in the ribs. Her son was verbally assaulted with the cruel words “Kill the Jew! Kill the Jew!” while he was being attacked.

Branford Public School officials have announced that they are looking into the case and declared that they won’t tolerate bullying of any kind, but Azivov is demanding that they do more to prevent future hate crimes and religious intolerance amongst students.

It is disgusting to see this breed of hate crime affect such young people who are just beginning to learn how to cope with their religious identity. While religious intolerance is unacceptable at any level, it is particularly distressing when such young people have to fear going to school because of their faith.


Banner Image Credit: YouTube screenshot, Tom Patterson

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