Driver Allegedly Forced Kids Off Bus And Called Them The ‘N-Word’

A group of middle school students has accused a Minnesota bus driver of yelling racial slurs at them after kicking them off the bus for misbehaving.

A bus driver in Minnesota allegedly shouted racial slurs at a group of junior high students when he kicked them off the bus in the middle of an industrial park, The Root reports.

DeShanna Dotson is one of the students who was left stranded along with approximately 20 other kids after school last week.

“He said, ‘You guys can get off my bus and walk home. I’m not driving you guys home,’” Dotson told local reporters.

The girl’s mother, Stacy Olson, said the driver left them in a business park. “It’s not a safe area; there’s no sidewalks to walk on,” she said.

Soon after the students were kicked off, the school was notified of the incident. The superintendent, however, had a fairly nonchalant response to the ordeal.

“We did find that there were students that were misbehaving on the bus. I think the bus driver just kind of got fed up,” said Moorhead Schools Superintendent Lynne Kovash.

Based on Dotson’s account of what happened, the bus driver was more than just “fed up.” “He called us the ‘N-word’ when we got off the bus,” she said.

“At no point, even if the children were bad, should they have been called any racist name,” her mom said.

“If you can’t control yourself for the little time you do drive the bus, then you shouldn’t be working there,” she continued.

According to The Root, the school district confirmed that the driver is a contractor and not directly employed by them. They also reportedly noted that he will no longer be driving for them.

Although he may not work for the school district, he should be facing termination from the company that he is employed by. He is clearly not a suitable person to be driving people in multicultural communities if he resorts to hurling racial slurs out of frustration.

The bus company called Olson to apologize for the incident, but an apology doesn’t make up for the fact that the driver not only insulted, but also endangered her child and others.

The normalization of racism is truly setting our country back decades and negatively impacting the youth. 

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