Islamophobic Bus Passenger Tells Muslim Woman: ‘ICE Is Here For You’

A New York City bus rider who identified herself as "Ashley" on camera hurled Islamophobic and insulting comments to a fellow passenger who is Muslim.

Smartphone cameras have captured many instances of bigotry over the past few weeks. In yet another example of flagrant hatred, a white woman was caught on camera on a New York City bus berating and harassing a Muslim woman.

The white woman, who identified herself proudly to the camera as “Ashley,” viciously mocked another woman wearing a hijab on a bus ride from Brooklyn to Staten Island and suggested that the Muslim woman couldn’t speak English.

“Did you see the sign, [do] you f***king speak English?” Ashley said to the woman.

Her harassment and Islamophobia didn’t stop there. Ashley made threats to the woman, letting her know that “ICE is here for you.”

When she discovered that she was being filmed, she looked into the camera and explained what she was doing, showing no remorse for her brutish behavior toward the other woman.

“I’m getting into a fight with some Muslim chick because she has an attitude because she thinks she has rights that she doesn’t have,” Ashley said.

The Muslim woman was clearly distraught from the onslaught of insults directed at her. Others on social media also expressed their anger.

This is unacceptable behavior, and it exposes “Ashley” as a clear bigot. She deserves to be called out for it, identified if possible, and the Muslim woman would be well within her rights to seek punitive damages for harassment on the public bus.

More importantly, Americans in general need to be more discouraging of such bigotry, in the moment that it happens, not just on social media hours later. It’s unclear from this video whether anyone stood up for the Muslim woman against Ashley’s attack, but anyone on that bus who considers themselves open-minded and free of bigotry should have shouted Ashley down during her tirade. The bus driver, too, should have threatened to remove her from the vehicle.

Actions like these receive a kind of silent endorsement, so to speak, from those in the surrounding vicinity when they’re perpetrated without a vociferous response against them.

It’s great that Ashley’s tirade is being denounced all over social media — but we need to start seeing people in these videos denounce them in the moment, when they occur, as well.

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