Bush Acknowledges GOP Is Imploding, Without Taking Any Responsibility

Politico reveals former president George W. Bush’s fears for the future of the GOP amid the Republican National Convention happening in Cleveland this week.

As the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio is officially underway, we have already witnessed chaos ensue.

Melania Trump — wife of the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump — received backlash for a speech she gave to the convention that was almost exactly the same as a speech given to the Democratic National Convention by Michelle Obama back in 2008.

The RNC was heavily criticized and ridiculed as well after photos surfaced of signs at the convention pointing to “White elevators,” in addition to very misogynistic pins being worn by delegates that compare Hillary Clinton to food items sold at Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

The convention is also flooded with Republicans who are reluctantly giving their support to Trump after pretending to be vehemently against him for much of his campaign (i.e. House Speaker Paul Ryan).

Needless to say, the Republican Party has become one big, disturbing joke. Proof of said joke lies in the fact that located outside of the convention is a billboard with a mural of Trump and Ted Cruz passionately kissing.

The GOP is on its way to implosion, and while most seem to maintain hope that they will be able to fix the mess that has become their party, others have been very blunt about the doom that lies ahead.

According to Politico, former president George W. Bush —who is not attending the RNC this year — had a few choice words for the future of the party back in April. “I'm worried that I will be the last Republican president,” he reportedly said.

Bush’s words speak volumes, considering he helped set this ticking time bomb off with his lies about weapons of mass destruction that sent us into an unnecessary war, his negligence when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, authorizing the National Security Agency to spy on Americans, and so on and so forth.

His administration began the shift in the integrity of “Republican values” which have only gone downhill ever since.

Nevertheless, Bush’s concern is warranted seeing as how his party is currently being led by a shady, politically inexperienced businessman turned reality TV personality, who ran an entire presidential campaign based on bigoted views and lies. 

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