Eating Bacon Can Now Prevent You From Becoming A Suicide Bomber

People across the globe have become so afraid of terrorism that they actually believe eating bacon reduces the chances of them becoming a suicide bomber.

A butcher shop In Narooma on the New South Wales South Coast, Australia, is cashing in on people’s fear of terrorism and promoting their products in the bargain.

With a sign placed strategically outside the shop, Jeff Rapley’s butchery was convincing people that eating two strips of its award-winning bacon for breakfast would reduces people’s likelihood of being a suicide bomber by 100 percent.

While the sign seems to be extremely racist, particular targeting Muslims and other minority groups for whom eating bacon is prohibited, the butchery’s sales saw a significant rise in its sales. And why not? After all, no one wants to be perceived as a suicide bomber.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Rapley explained that people’s reaction had “gotten way out of hand” and he “didn’t mean any offense by it.” He also went on to explain that he is not a racist, explaining that he had a Muslim assistant working for him.

Rapley was left with no choice but to remove the sign after it caught people’s attention on social media. While some readily supported it, others called out the store for being racist and discriminating against minority groups.

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