Bystanders Form Human Chain To Rescue Trapped Driver From Burning Car

After the SUV veered off the side of the road and burst into flames, first responders and bystanders worked to pull the driver, stuck inside the vehicle, to safety.

One man was rescued in the nick of time after his SUV flipped over the edge of the road in Palm Bay, Florida and caught fire.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by the Palm Bay Police and Fire Departments yesterday, spectators are heard screaming and praying as Sergeant Steve Shytle and Officer Ryan VanNote attempted to extract the driver from the fallen vehicle in the ditch below, near a river. The crash, in which his car collided with another, occurred on U.S. Route 1 around 11 a.m.local time, Global News reports.

While it’s unclear exactly what’s happening, there appeared to be a struggle, and the fire grew larger. Observers continued to panic, urging the responders to “get him out,” shouting, “Pull him!”

Around the 1:25 mark, the policemen remove the driver from the car. According to Fox8, the driver, who sustained a head injury, was “combative”, and the officers tazed and handcuffed him. That’s when the good Samaritans stepped in: Onlookers formed a human chain to pull both the driver and officers to safety above.

"Strangers coming together for a common goal saving a man's life," one of the Samaritans, Tom Sais, told Fox8 regarding the incident. "It was beautiful."

According to the video caption, the Palm-Bay Fire Rescue administered medical treatment to the driver, where he was transported to a hospital. He sustained minor injuries.

Clips like these remind us to count our every blessing — namely, the courageous men and women who protect and respond in emergencies, including paramedics, police officers and bystanders alike. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

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