'Not Your Country': NZ Cafe Owner Finds Racist Note Posted On His Car

“This is New Zealand. Not your country. Our land, our car park,” read the racist note.

A café owner in Auckland, New Zealand, was shocked after he discovered a nasty, racist note left on the windshield of his family member’s car.

"This is NZ Not Your country our land our carpark!!" read the note that was pasted on Parviz Khorakchi's wife’s car. The family has lived in the country for the past 15 years and owns a restaurant in West Auckland, known as Arum Restaurant.

Khorakchi moved to New Zealand with his spouse and children and said they never experienced such bigotry before.

“My boy and girl are adults now but they grew up here, went to school here, they are Kiwis,” he said.

The restaurant owner couldn’t understand why someone would do something so hateful.

"This is so disappointing, we are so upset," he said. "We park in that spot all the time, this had never happened before."

Khorakchi believes someone jealous of his successful business might be behind this racist act.

“I work hard, I don't expect government help, we are all New Zealand citizens and we never did anything wrong to the country, which is why this is really upsetting,” he said

The awful letter was shared on the restaurant’s Instagram page, presumably by the woman’s children, with the caption, "This is not acceptable. #racial #note left on mom's windscreen at work."

People on social media supported Khorakchi in this tough time. “Very sad. I'm an immigrant and sadly happened to me few times but chin up. Kiwi people are awesome and like every country we have some not nice people and I never made them change my view of NZ. Keep up good work your restaurant is great,” said one user on Instagram.

“Don’t let one idiot make u feel bad! Racism is unacceptable and hopefully u will have a lot of extra customers after this. We will come as always wanted to try Persian food. So thanks to the idiot for the free advertising of your fine restaurant!” said another one.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Pixabay, Antranias 

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