‘Get Ready To Have War’: Trump Fan Threatens Violence Against Muslims

“You have mistaken European White Males patience for weakness. Get ready to have a war,” read the email titled “Muslim sewer rats.”

The Minnesota chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) is calling for an investigation after it received an email from a President Donald Trump supporter threatening violence against Muslims.

In a press release posted on their Facebook page, CAIR elaborated the content of the hate-filled message with the expletive-laden subject line of which was “Muslim sewer rats.”

“Hey there Muslim PIG SWINE,” read the email (grammatical errors maintained. “We MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of PATRIOTS, armed to the teeth with HUNDREDS of millions of weapons, with literally over 50 BILLION rounds of horrific, violent camel jockey piercing rounds of ammo. We have a LEADER in the White House, now standing for JUDEO-Christian values. . .You have mistaken European White Males patience for weakness. Get ready to have a war. . .”

CAIR-MN executive director Jaylani Hussein, said the message was very concerning as the same message was sent to the South California chapter of the advocacy organization. That means the suspect was stalking the organization.

Hussein said the chapter received at least one piece of hate mail or call every week by virtue of its humanitarian work.

“We just ignore those,” the executive director said of some lesser, vague threats. However, each year the organization also receives more serious messages and threats that forces it to call on law enforcement authorities.

“When our staff received this email, we immediately were concerned about our safety and wellbeing of our staff,” Hussein said. “We do not take these threats lightly knowing that there is a great deal of people out there who are misinformed and often may lash out and attack Muslims,” said Hussein.

CAIR-MN said hate crimes against Muslims have experienced an upsurge in recent months — and so have increasingly threatening letters to the Muslim advocacy organization.

Last month, CAIR’s New York chapter received a letter that threatened “extermination, torture and rape” of Muslims.

CAIR’s Chicago chapter also received a brazen voice message from suspect Marvin Meyer telling the organization members to “take your f***ing self back to Syria. We will kill you.”

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