Racist On Train: ‘Immigration Sucks, Go Back To Your Country’

Given the fact that a notorious bigot just won a presidential election in North America, such incidents are no longer surprising — but are sickening nevertheless.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s imminent election victory, Canada's main immigration website crashed for a while, supposedly due to the traffic from American nationals wanting to move to avoid living under a Trump presidency.

As it turns out, things in Canada, while slightly better, are not quite different from the U.S.

Just recently, a man in Calgary was caught on camera using racially charged comments during a fight with another passenger aboard a transit train.

An onlooker, a 15-year-old boy, according to CTV News, filmed the entire incident. In the video, a man repeatedly uses the word “immigrants” and even says “immigration sucks” at one point. And then he goes off on an outright xenophobic rant, saying, “Go back to your country. This is Canada, my country.”

The other person, meanwhile, yells profanities in response.

Although the exact reason behind the confrontation is not known, the man’s racial slurs upset other transit passengers.

“I’ve never had that happen to me personally but it’s (racism) out there and it’s very real,” Johnson Garzon, who witnessed the fight, told CTV News.

Calgary resident David Hohol, who works at the city’s Centre for Newcomers, a social service organization that helps new immigrants in settling in Canada, expressed disappointment at the racial abuse in the video but said immigrants “are resilient.”

“They've come from situations and circumstances that the average Canadian would never have to deal with, thankfully, and they come over here looking for respect, equality, opportunity,” Hohol added.

Canada is often hailed for its tolerance, more so by a lot of Americans, now that a notorious bigot like Trump is poised to become the next president of the United States.

However, it certainly doesn’t mean discrimination doesn’t exist in Canada. The Guardian reports:

“Between 2005 and 2015, the number of black inmates in federal prisons in Canada jumped by 69%. In Toronto, 41% of children and youth in the care of child welfare services are black, despite making up just 8% of the youth population in the city.”

In addition, as per official stats, “visible minorities accounted for a higher proportion of the population inside low-income neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods.” Also, there is a severe suicide crisis among First Nations youth.

“In First Nations males there was a (suicide) rate of 126 per 100,000 people,” CTV reported in April. “That stands in contrast to the rate of 24 per 100,000 among non-aboriginal males.” Meanwhile, “young First Nations females died by suicide to the tune of 35 per 100,000 people, while non-aboriginal females had a rate of just five per 100,000.”

Just something to think about, in case you’re also an American mulling Canadian immigration.

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