Man Claims He Killed Five Students Because They Were 'Werewolves'

A 24-year-old Calgary man who killed five students two years ago says paranormal motives are behind his murder spree.

A Calgary man accused of multiple murders admitted his crimes, claiming “the son of God was controlling me,” at a court hearing on Monday.

Matthew de Grood confessed to stabbing five people at a party, but told courts he took no pleasure in it.

The 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to murder in the first-degree for the deaths of Lawrence Hong, Joshua Hunter, Jordan Segura, Kaitlin Perras and Zackariah Rathwell, who were all students at Calgary universities. The five young adults were killed on April 15, 2014, at a house party celebrating the end of the school year — an incident police called Calgary’s worst mass killing.

“I just want to say that when I stabbed them, I tried to do it mercifully. I aimed for their heart. They put up a struggle, which made it hard, but, so you know, it wasn’t sadistic or anything,” he said. “What I did may seem atrocious but I was killing Medusas, werewolves."

The document submitted to the court revealed de Grood, the son of a high-ranking police officer, was a “kind and compassionate” boy until he experienced a change in personality just a month before the stabbings.

He started favoring isolation and published a number of morbid posts on Facebook, including lyrics from Mega Death and quotes from the Bible.

At the party, he handed a friend a clove of garlic and a serrated bread knife, stating he might need them.

De Grood’s friend, who had gone out to eat during the party, came back to chaos.

“Upon entering the front door, there was panic throughout the main floor. Two male victims lying head to head on the floor were motionless in a large pool of blood. People were attending to them but they were deceased,” reported an officer who was one of the first at the scene.

De Grood was taken into custody a short time later and interviewed by police. His lawyer Allan Fray told reporters he plans to argue the defendant was not criminally responsible for the murders.

De Grood has been undergoing treatment at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre since his arrest.

Earlier this year, an Uber driver who went on a killing spree in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, also gave a similar reason for his actions. Jason Brian Dalton stated his Uber app took control of him “to the point where he was a puppet.”

It’s now up to the criminal justice department to find out whether these killers claiming supernatural motives are really in need of psychological help or is this just a way for them to justify their atrocious actions and walk off with minimum punishment.

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