California May Be On The Brink Of Another Devastating Drought

Just as California was beginning to think it was at the end of the drought, a recent dry spell may plunge the state back into a state of emergency.

Less than a year ago, Californians began to feel a sense of hope as the state of emergency regarding the drought was lifted. But a scary turn of events suggests the state may be plunging rapidly back into a dry spell. 

A weekly report given out by the United States Drought Monitor shows that roughly 44 percent of the state is now back in a moderate drought with the most severe conditions existing in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles. 

This latest figure shows a severe increase in the percentage of the state affected, as just last week it was estimated at 13 percent. 

These statistics follow closely at the heels of the devastating wildfires and mudslides that swept through Southern California, an area which is now experiencing record-setting heat. 

Additionally, California has had an unfortunately dry winter, and with only February and March left in the "wet" season, experts say that there is not enough time for the state to produce the substantial rain needed to fix the dry spell. 

If California is able to see rain, the impending drought may be avoided, but at the current moment, things are not looking very promising. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Robert Galbraith

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