This GOP Candidate Praises Hitler, Wants Jews Deported To Israel

When asked if his own views sounded similar to the Nazis, Little incorrectly denied Holocaust ever occurred.



A top-polling Californian Republican candidate has said he would like to see America “free of Jews.”

Patrick Little, who topped the Republican poll in a bid to challenge Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) this November, said he admired Adolf Hitler and wanted the Jews be deported to Israel.

The Californian Republican party has since disavowed Little and condemned the anti-Semitic remarks made by him.

“Mr. Little has never been an active member of our party. I do not know Mr. Little and I am not familiar with his positions,” Matt Fleming, communications director for the California Republican Party told Newsweek. “But in the strongest terms possible, we condemn anti-Semitism and any other form of religious bigotry, just as we do with racism, sexism or anything else that can be construed as a hateful point of view.”

While talking to Newsweek, Little made a series of controversial claims that reflected white nationalistic views which essentially blame Jews for the problems faced by white men in the western world.

Little, an ex-Marine, claimed to be a former Pro-Israel libertarian who supported the anti-tax Tea Party movement, only to succumb to views which he comfortably labeled as white nationalists’, after communicating with other white men on the website, WeSearchr.

Little said that his online friends recommended Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique,” which made him embrace white nationalism.

He also attended the infamous alt-right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, where he proclaimed having his own fire arms but then decided against carrying them.

 “I’m not an advocate of turning the whole United States into what Richard Spencer would call an ethno state,” he told Newsweek. “I’m a fan of balkanization.”

“Balkanization” calls for the United Sates to be divided into several nation-states based on different cultures and ethnicities.

He said Jews in the United Sates were “hurting” white people and to “combat” this, a “quota” system should be introduced to limit Jew involvement in the country. He said all Jews should be ultimately forced to leave the U.S. for Israel.

“State has to use force,” he said. “If things are law, they have to be enforced. And ultimately government—that is the threat of force.”

Not only this, Little is also a Holocaust denier. When asked if his own views sounded similar to the Nazis, he incorrectly denied the tragedy ever occurred.

Little went even further and compared Adolf Hitler’s rule to “the second coming of Christ.”

Apart from being a self-identified white nationalist, Little is also a fan of President Donald Trump, claiming he has heard anti-Semitic “dog whistles” coming from the president.

Little acknowledges he has little to no chance of winning the seat against Feinstein, who has held the seat since 1992.

The statements maybe eye-popping but Little is not the only GOP leader with anti-Semitic views. He joins Wisconsin Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen and Arthur Jones, running for office on a Republican ticket.

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