Teen Posing As Cop Launches Fake Domestic Disturbance Investigations

A 14-year-old boy in California was arrested on Tuesday after making house calls and pulling over a driver while dressed as a police officer.

A 14-year-old boy in California was arrested after launching fake investigations while pretending to be a police officer.

Masquerading as a law enforcement officer, the teenager also pulled people over in an SUV that had flashing blue and red lights.

The San Bernardino County police began an investigation on Monday after a resident in Victorville said someone wearing a sheriff’s uniform and driving a white Ford Explorer equipped with flashing lights arrived at the homeowner’s house, claiming to be responding to a domestic disturbance.

On the same day, the officers conducting the investigation found the teen interacted with two other individuals while in disguise. During one of these incidents, he pulled a female driver over, obtained her personal information, and then gave her a warning.

In the second incident, he once again arrived at a house with his simulation police lights turned on and claimed to be investigating a domestic disturbance. In this case, he was also informed no issue had occurred and no call had been placed before leaving the scene.

When the juvenile was arrested on Tuesday, police found a police uniform, fake money and guns, and other items used by law enforcement personnel.

The suspect, who was already on probation for a different offense, was booked into the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center, which is east of Los Angeles.

The incidents raise curious questions about the intentions of the teen. Considering he promptly left the houses at which he claimed there were domestic disturbance calls, he seems, with the existing information, to have merely been enjoying pretending to be an officer. However, he's old enough to know that doing so is a crime. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Mike Blake

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