Teen Reunites With Postal Worker Who Rescued Her From Sex Traffickers

A 16-year-old California girl was reunited with the post office employee who helped to rescue her after she escaped from a car of sex traffickers.

Crystal Allen, 16, was reunited with a postal worker who helped her after she escaped sex traffickers in June.

Allen said that she was drugged, tortured, and held captive for three months.

“I just cried all the time and prayed that I’d get to see my mom again,” she said.

The reunion happened on Thursday in Sacramento as postal worker Ivan Crisostomo was honored by the Sacramento Sheriffs’ Department for helping the teen.

Allen was lured to Sacramento from her home in Placerville and was taken immediately to the sex traffickers where she was tied to a chair and guarded by men and dogs.

The teenager said that she had escaped from a vehicle while the traffickers were driving her through a Sacramento neighborhood. Allen took her chance, jumped from the car, and ran away.

Crisostomo said that he was on his mail route when he heard crying coming from behind a tree. Allen was hiding behind the tree, still afraid that she was in danger and worried that the sex traffickers may come back for her.

Crisostomo said he told the teenager that no one was coming for her while he was around.

“Don’t worry, nobody’s going to take you, I’m here for you,” he said.

Crisostomo stayed with Allen until the police arrived on the scene to make sure the girl was safe.

“Ivan himself is a hero for saving me, even if he doesn’t think it,” said the teen.

Crisostomo said that he is doesn’t think of himself as a hero, adding that he was just doing his duty as a human being by helping the girl. He said that he was happy that he could help her and believes that mail carriers have a responsibility to the people they serve.

It would be great if everyone working for the United States government had the same commitment and moral aptitude of Crisostomo. Although there is corruption in the government, it is good to know there are still people like Ivan Crisostomo around.

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