Hundreds Of Dead People Keep Casting Votes In California Elections

An investigation revealed that about 265 dead people in California will be able to posthumously cast their vote this election in an absurd case of voting fraud.


California state records show case after case of election fraud with dead people voting in current elections, most of them in Los Angeles County.

In one example, a woman who died in 1988 was discovered to somehow have cast her vote in 2014.

According to CBS, “state records that show votes were cast in that person’s name after they died.” In some instances, votes were cast by the deceased year after year.

Reportedly, 146 dead voters were registered Democrats, while 86 were Republicans. At present, it is unclear how these votes from the grave are surfacing, but at least the majority of them vote for the left.

The Los Angeles County Registrar has confirmed that people have been sending in voter registration by mail signed by the names of the deceased. Death records from the Social Security Administration have also confirmed hundreds of dead voters.

Family members of the deceased are befuddled as to how their relatives are still registered to vote, as interviews in the video below reveal.

The LA County Registrar said they saw that 265 dead people are still eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election



Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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