This Site Pays $5K To Anyone Who Calls Bill Clinton A 'Rapist' On TV

The site appeals to would-be bounty hunters looking to force the claims in the final stretch of the presidential campaign.

Conspiracy theorist, right-wing commentator and (unsurprisingly) Trump supporter Alex Jones has promised cash to anyone who will proclaim “Bill Clinton is a rapist” during TV shows and Hillary Clinton campaign rallies.

It's shocking to see how someone can stoop so low, even though it shouldn't be by now, considering the chaos surrounding this year’s election season. But Jones is a Trump supporter, and Trump himself is quite fond of underhanded methods of publicity.

Jones is offering $1,000 to anyone who can get themselves pictured on television wearing a “Bill Clinton rape” T-shirt and those who can shout “Bill Clinton is a rapist” while donning the shirt will receive $5,000.

“Wear it. Get aggressive. Start the conversations. Get on TV with it,” he prompts Trump supporters.

Who doesn’t like free money?  

As a result, frequent incidents of hecklers sneaking shirts, signs and chanting Clinton rape accusations have been reported over the past few weeks.

The video below is an example:


“Those folks are auditioning for a reality show,” responded President Barack Obama to a protester at during a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In another instance during the same rally, he laughed off the protester and urged the crowd not to boo, saying, "This is our democracy at work. This is great."

When the man himself, Bill Clinton, was recently  interrupted by someone calling him a rapist he asked the crowd to applaud the heckler. "You gotta feel sorry for him. They had a bad day yesterday, so they're trying to make it up," he said. "Give him a hand … When other people pour poison down your throat, don't drink it. Give back good," he added.

The Trump campaign has made the most of Hillary Clinton's husband’s sex scandals — even as , more and more stories keep pouring in of Donald Trump's (mis)behavior with women.

Both the camps keep throwing the ball at each other hoping to bring the rival down. Neither Trump nor Clinton has pristine pasts. However, Bill Clinton, despite his infidelities, has never shown such a apparent and ridiculous disregard for women and ceaseless sexism in public as Donald Trump does every chance he gets.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Chip East

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