Cam Newton Jumps Over The Fence To Play Ball With 7th-Graders

The quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL shows that he is not only good at football but pretty amazing at making children happy too.

Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback, surprised a playground full of seventh-grade kids from a community school in Davidson, North Carolina, with an impromptu visit.

But this was no ordinary shake hands, take selfies and be on his way visit.

Apparently, Newton, who was driving by the area, saw one child wearing his jersey and asked a teacher standing nearby if he could jump over the fence and play a game with the kids.

As the NFL player joined the children in their game, the students went beside themselves with excitement and joy.

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"Mom, get me, like, a picture," one girl excitedly yelled.

“I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating and when I asked, ‘Sweetheart what’s wrong?’ She said, ‘That was just the best moment of my life,’” teacher Mimi Siadak told WSOC-TV.


He then went on to compare bracelets with the kids.

The enthralled kids wrote notes to Newton thanking him for dropping by and one student expressed her gratitude by writing, “I am in a hard place in my life, because my parents are getting divorced. But to me you are now a symbol of hope and that even when things go bad there is always happiness.”

Newton just gained many more fans with his kindness. His unexpected visit made the children’s day and one teacher said she had to put a lot of effort into getting the students back to class after the football player left.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Mike Segar

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