Entrepreneur Allegedly Bit, Strangled, Slapped And Raped Women

“He started giving her orders as to what to do. He pinned down her legs, pushed her down and started to become very aggressive,” the prosecutor said.



An entrepreneur, who founded the World Boutique Hotels Awards, allegedly raped three women after attempts to force them to participate in rough sex and role-playing fantasies.

A British jury heard how, according to prosecutors, Edward Gabbai raped a 17-year-old escort, a young Swedish woman and a 23-year-old stranger, whom he offered to share a cab with. Apparently, the first two women agreed to have sex with him.

However the 30-year-old stands accused of raping them later and sexually attacking a third woman at a residence.

“This being rough and violent in the course of sexual activity, we say, is a common and repeating theme. Edward Gabbai likes to dominate sexually and inflict hurt and violence on those who he engages in sexual activity,” said prosecutor Simon Russell Flint.

According to the teenage escort, she and Gabba were “friends who would have sex together” for which she didn’t charge any money. She revealed Gabbai mentioned his fondness for “rape fantasies” when the two discussed preferences.

She told the jury she allowed him to hold her hand and have sex with her as she struggled. The escort recalled that in 2014, the entrepreneur forced her to participate in a sex act which she didn’t want to try.

“She said to him, ‘No Edward, stop, stop, this isn’t part of the role-play.’ She was saying it with so much emotion she says he could tell it was not role-playing. She was crying from the pain and was in such shock that she says she couldn’t remember the safe word and just shouted out, ‘Safe word, safe word,’ and he stopped,” said the prosecutor.

In 2016, Gabbai met the Swedish woman through Tinder. She revealed she agreed to have sex with him, but says she was later raped by Gabbai in a bedroom at a residence in Stoke Newington, North London.

“He started giving her orders as to what to do. He pinned down her legs, pushed her down and started to become very aggressive. He started strangling so hard she could not breathe, bit her neck and ear so it left a visible mark, turned her head so he could slap her face and pulled her hair,” Russell Flint explained.

“He said, “That’s my favorite bit. She was screaming out and he continued to have sex with her. Facial injuries were caused by the defendant beating her up, quite frankly,” the prosecutor continued.

The Swedish woman reported Gabbai to the police.

Gabbai told the police the woman “liked rough sex.” He admitted hitting her “about 12 times” but claimed “at no time did she tell him to stop.”

The last victim reportedly agreed to share a cab with Gabbai after her phone’s battery died and she couldn’t call her own cab. Both of them went to an address in Battersea, South-West London, where Gabbai reportedly forced her, saying, “You’ve got to let me do whatever I want.”

The alleged abuser pushed the woman on a bed, slapped both her cheeks, made her cry and then abused her with terms like slut.

“He pushed down on her neck, she couldn’t breathe, she was gasping for breath and she really thought he was going to suffocate her. She says she was hysterical, crying and unable to speak and was told, 'If you cry out or try to go away I’ll make it worse for you.' He slapped her face, her bottom, her legs,” said the prosecutor.

The woman revealed to the court she was raped three times and discovered 30 injuries when she was examined. None of the women were named for legal reasons.

Gabbai’s trial is ongoing.

Thumbnail/Banner: Pixabay, Alexas Fotos

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