It's So Hot In India, A Camel Just Murdered Its Owner

As temperatures in India reach record-breaking heights, humans as well as animals are fed up from the blistering heat.

The scorching heat of South Asia is not only getting to humans but is horribly impacting animals in the region too. Needless to say, they should be kept under covered areas, with water accessible at all times to avoid dehydration.

Case in point: One man in Rajasthan's Barmer district in India tied up his camel’s legs and left him out in the sun all day while he entertained guests.

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The animal, of course, got ever more agitated as it waited hour after hour to be untied and moved into the shade. However, the owner, known only as Urjaram, took way too long before the thought of the poor animal struck him. As he rushed out to untie the camel, the furious animal attacked Urjaram viciously and threw him to the ground. Its frenzy did not stop there and the camel chewed on his master’s body and then severed his head.

Around 25 villagers in the meantime worked tirelessly for six hours to calm down the camel but remained unsuccessful.

Villagers revealed that this was not the first time the camel had attacked Urjaram, but never to this extent.

Temperatures have been on the rise over the last few years, causing heatstrokes to thousands of people in the region. During this tough time, along with keeping themselves hydrated and avoiding the sun, people must make sure they do the same for the animals they own since these poor creatures are dependent on humans for their lives. An entire village just saw what happens when you put those lives in danger.  



Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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