Thanks To Trump, Even Canadian Girl Scouts Are Afraid To Enter The US

“We want to make sure that if our girls are traveling that they are not going to be in a risky or unsafe situation.”

As a result of the President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, the Girl Guides of Canada has canceled all U.S. travel because of the fear that some members of their team might be turned away at the U.S.-Canada border due the travel restrictions.

According to Sarah Kiriliuks, a spokeswoman for Girl Guides, “The organization didn’t want to take the risk with all the uncertainty. This just speaks to the Girl Guides of Canada and our commitment to inclusivity. We just want to make sure that no girl gets left behind.”


A letter was also sent by the organization to its members stating that it would not approve any new trips to the U.S. until further notice.

The decision of restricting travel to the U.S. comes days after several reports of Canadians begin turned away at border emerged. Recently, a Muslim Canadian who had been shopping in U.S. for 20 years  was denied entry. Fadwa Alaoui was stopped at the Highgate Springs U.S. border crossing by Customs and Border Patrol for over four hours for questioning.

In another incident, a doctor was detained for 5 hours by border agents and was asked about his "tribe." He was detained at Canada’s second-busiest U.S. border, Blue Water Bridge.

Instead of carrying out trips to U.S., the organization is encouraging people to consider domestic trips. The Girls Guide has 70,000 girls and 20,000 women who are volunteer guiders. The trips include a wide variety of things such as tourism, history or sometimes, simply socializing.

It is not only the Girls Guides but Canadian schools are also considering suspending trips to the United States.

According to Jim Cambridge, a superintendent of the Sooke school district in British Columbia, a number of trips that were planned in the coming months are being reconsidered.

Ted Fransen, a superintendent of Pembina Trails school division in Winnipeg, Manitoba, said despite making frequent international trips to the U.S., the school recently made a decision to cancel a recent trip.

The Greater Essex County school board in southwestern Ontario also decided recently to cancel a handful of trips over concerns of equity.

Twitter came in support of the decision taken by Girl Guides.




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