Canadian Immigrant Becomes Millionaire After Winning Lottery – Twice

“My main goal is to go to school... I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry.”


There is no denying the fact that life an immigrant is extremely hard.

After Melhig Melhig moved to Canada from Africa, he settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he lived in a small apartment with his wife and children.

However, that all changed earlier this year after the 28-year-old bought a lottery ticket from a local convenience store – and won a $1.5 million prize.

It was a huge stroke of luck, but Melhig proved himself to be even luckier when he won another million-dollar lottery after purchasing another scratch ticket from a Giant Tiger store, only five months later.

In total, the man has reportedly won nearly $2.7 million in two separate lottery wins in span of months.

Now a millionaire, he has moved his family to a nicer, bigger home.

“Everything is new. We have a nice yard, good schools. We love it,” the African immigrant told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, adding he wanted to buy a business, such as a gas station or car wash. “I'm young. You always need to think about how to grow.”

He also has some other plans for his future – including going back to school.

“I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry,” Melhig added, according to the press release.

Although Melhig isn’t the first to win a double-lottery in Manitoba, occurrences like this are certainly rare.

For instance, as the Canadian Press pointed out, a woman in Winnipeg won $1 million back in 2005 after purchasing a scratch ticket at her grandson’s hockey game. Two years later, she claimed the same prize again after buying the lottery ticket at her grandson’s hockey game, again.

Similarly, a man in California made headlines for his winning streak that made him $6million richer – just in six months.

Antulio Mazariegos of Southern California reportedly purchased four lottery tickets in the span of few months and it turned out to be probably the best decision of his life. His first big win came in November 2017 when he won a $1 million Scratchers ticket he bought from a U.S.A. Donuts.

Encouraged by the massive win, Mazariegos decided to try his hand again and bought the only three California Black Premium Scratchers, which were available at the Liquor Bank in Lake Balboa..

According to the state’s lottery officials, Mazariegos won $5 million, $1,000 and $600 from the three tickets he bought from the bank.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Levent Konuk, Getty Images

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