Man Continues Mowing Lawn With Looming Tornado Like It’s No Big Deal

"It seems that most people here mow before the rain comes, so he thought he would do that, and, well, ended up famous."

A man from Alberta, Canada, is a new internet sensation after he was caught mowing with a full-fledged tornado barreling toward his back yard.

The man identified as Theunis Wessels was caught in the act by his wife Cecilia Wessels.

Cecilia was taking a nap when her 9-year-old daughter woke her up out of fright from a tornado forming outside their home. The Wessels, who moved to Alberta from South Africa seven years ago, have never witnessed a tornado and Cecilia clicked a picture to show her parents back home. But her husband, who was mowing the lawn like it’s no big deal, also got snapped.

When the woman uploaded the picture on Facebook, people were shocked.

"My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair," she captioned the picture which has been shared more than a 1,000 times.

“The Chuck Norris of lawn mowers!!!” one person wrote.

“Did he maybe want to pause a minute and take a look? Crazy man!” another commented.

"This is the craziest picture! Lol. I'm glad that the tornado didn't come down on your house!" read another comment.

Cecilia says her husband was not afraid of the tornado because he attended a seminar led by Tornado Hunters' Greg Johnson. She also defended her husband saying that the tornado was about 2 kilometers from their house in Three Hills, Alberta, and was much further away than it appeared in the photo. She further explained that Wessels had observed that most people mowed their lawns before the rain, which is why he chose to do the same despite the tornado in the background.

However, he had no idea mowing the lawn could make him famous.

A lot of people are talking about Wessels on Twitter too.




Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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