Canada's Basic Income Plan Is Right On The Money

Joining the Netherlands and Finland, Canada is now one more country to provide a monthly allowance to its citizens regardless of their working status.

In February, Canada’s government announced that it would kick off a pilot program later in the year, sending people monthly checks to cover basic living expenses such as food, transportation, clothing and utilities.

The national organization promoting this system, Basic Income Canada Network, is hopeful the funds will serve a variety of purposes, ultimately improving the economy on the whole.

Although Ontario officials responsible for the program have not yet decided on the amount people will receive, a specific budget will be earmarked for the program.

While many people may argue that receiving free money leads to people becoming lazy, or not making an effort toward earning on their own, signs point to a range of benefits from the checks.

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First, the basic income program will lower poverty levels, since people will be able to meet their basic expenses. Also, people with low incomes will receive a top up, thus improving their standard of living.

Moreover, this approach provides people with income security, making them feel more secure and cared for in Canada. As income levels rise with this program, health issues also will fall into place, since a major reason health problems persist is lack of money. Hopefully, the basic income program will deal with that effectively too.

Considering all the above factors, it is indeed commendable that Canada has decided to pilot the program; hopefully will improve the economy once adopted in the long run.  

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