Car Dealer Thinks His Controversial Billboards Are Funny

A Canadian car dealer is under fire for putting up billboard signs outside his shop that are being called misogynist.

A Canadian car dealer has become a target of controversy for posting misogynist signs outside his shop.

Josh Mellish, the owner of Mellish Motors on Prince Edwards Island, likes to place billboards on his front door to attract customers, but this time he has taken his “jokes” too far.

The car dealer put up his first message last week proclaiming, “Women are like snowflakes. They can't drive.”

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He said the sign is meant to be funny but apparently not everyone shares his point of view. The sign was first scene by Chelsea Ling, the owner of a jewelry shop nearby, who posted a picture of it on Facebook.

Well PEI friends...

Posted by Chelsea Ling on  Saturday, January 16, 2016


A lot of people agreed with Ling’s assessment of the sign but others agreed that it was a joke, although in bad taste and not worth mentioning twice.





After the online uproar, Mellish, instead of being apologetic, put up another sign.

“If we didn't have social media, people would get a chuckle out of my sign and their day would carry on,” Mellish said. "People seem to hide behind the social media."

Mellish didn’t stop with his antics even then. On Jan. 18, he put out another billboard on his front lawn.


Mellish added it was his custom to place provocative signs to bring in people and he will continue to do so in the future, regardless of what people say.

“I've put up signs about men, teachers, myself, kids, etc.,” he said. “I do like people to be talking. Good or bad, it does get attention.”

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