Canadian Children, 11, Save Swimmers From Drowning In Heroic Act

The girls had just finished a lifeguarding course when they jumped to save the two swimmers. The victims were thankful, but one of the girls' moms was concerned.

Woman stands in shallow beach waters.

Three Canadian 11-year-old friends have become famous after saving two people from drowning while at a British Columbia beach.

Lily Cox, Georgia Springate, and Kate Hunter were at Crescent Beach in Surrey, B.C., playing in the water when they saw that two young people had been caught up in a current. Having just finished a summer lifeguard course, the girls didn't think twice. They quickly swam over, pulling both swimmers to safety.

While Cox pulled one of the swimmers to the pier, the other two girls rescued the second swimmer. According to the girls, the second swimmer was 13, and at least one seemed to be fully clothed.

“We just reacted; it was kind of like an instinct," Springate told reporters. "It looked like she had been there for a while and the water was pretty cold, so I don't know if she would have made it on her own.”

After they were brought to safety, the girls said, the swimmers appeared to be in shock, but they were also very thankful that the young friends acted so quickly. Despite the heroic gesture, Springate's mother, Cynthia, expressed concern as she watched the entire ordeal unfold before her eyes.

“As a mother, it was scary in the moment,” Springate said. “This was a dangerous scenario. These girls were starting to bob under the water as our girls approached them, and, at any time, this could have turned into a rescuer-becomes-the-victim.”

What's worse, she added, was that the two girls who got caught in a current were not being properly watched by their parents.

“I was somewhat upset,” Springate's mother said, when she noticed the two girls who were in danger weren't being cared after. “One girl was fully clothed in the water. She was not even prepared for swimming at the time.”

They were truly lucky that her daughter and the other two 11-year-olds were there to help, she continued.

Despite all the concerns, Springate's mother said she's very proud of her daughter and her friends.

Hopefully, this incident will serve as an alert to locals that the area isn't safe for unaccompanied children or folks who cannot swim, and perhaps, it will also serve as an extra incentive for parents to get their children into swimming lessons as soon as possible.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Lars Plougmann

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